What in the world are you looking for?

As you get more comfortable in your own skin, these positive traits will become your mantra, and you will know if these needs are being met by your date. If they aren’t, it’s your choice to now make an informed decision. What are your options?

Brainwashed? Me? No way! I’m smarter than to let something like that happen! hahahahahahaha.

I left. It took me getting physically broken before I did though, and you don’t have to wait that long.

Amazingly enough, we have the power to say, “I’m done. I quit. I don’t want to do THIS anymore.”

I believe it comes down to education, perspective and the why we do the things we do….and…quite frankly…caring.

I’ve heard it said, “They are all around us.” – narcissists that is – for labeling others. They are closer to their own truth than they realize.

There is a balance. To label a person really limits that person down to…that label…and removes their humanity.