Amazingly enough, we have the power to say, “I’m done. I quit. I don’t want to do THIS anymore.”

What is THIS though? THIS is anything that you don’t want to do or experience anymore. Wow. Just the arrogance of writing that. Who am I to take a stance of ease?

If you think about it, we only get to the point of saying, “I’m done. I quit. I don’t want to do this anymore.” when we KNOW that THIS is no longer helping us, and, in fact, is probably harming us. You don’t hear anyone ever say, “OMG, I have got to quit eating lettuce – I just don’t want to do this anymore!” or see GOVERNMENT WARNING labels read: Drinking (clean) water leads to birth defects, impairment while driving and a (more than likely) long, slow death.

THIS could be about something we allow other people to get away with toward us that hurts us.

The someone (other people) could even be a company! A marketing company that directs marketing campaigns to children to obtain future revenue. A manufacturing company that pumps out pollutants into the air and water that impacts every living organism in a negative way. An agricultural company who rapes the land for pasture for the purpose of growing and slaughtering animals for human consumption destroying a fragile ecosystem in the process. You’ve allowed or ignored their continuation of harmful effects to continue to the point that their actions for profit have now actually impacted your health, your sleep, your mental state – your well-being in a negative way! And even that of the planet!

This someone (other people) could be family members, a spouse, children, co-workers, a boss, neighbors – someone whom you’ve allowed to come against you for so long, that now their presence in your life has negatively impacted your health, your sleep, your mental state – your well-being.

THIS someone…could actually be YOU! What you choose to put into your body; the foods you eat and what you choose to drink. How you choose to live. What you choose to watch on television. What you read. What you choose to listen to on the radio. The inputs. And…the inputs control the outputs – your well-being.

We have an opportunity, every day, to make a better decision for our own health, our own mental state, our own well-being! Our actions (or inactions) can even impact the planet! EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! And we can choose to decide to choose! I think that’s absolutely marvelous!

Many factors go into these decisions, but I believe it comes down to education, perspective and the why we do the things we do….and…quite frankly…caring.

The moment we say, “I’ve had enough.” that is the moment we begin to care. Prior to that…we didn’t. You will remember what motivated the change…your current stand. And, if you allow it, you have made room for future, positive stands. Change. This is what I call growth. And when you “get” your new perspective, take the time to understand the new you. Your new thought processes. Your new perspective. And hang on to it! There may be those in your life who will not appreciate the “new” you! Guess what…YOU matter.

Your choice to change and stop abusing yourself or others…is your choice to make. Do you need professional help? Get it. Do you want to get on a committee to stop illegal fishing? Do it. Do you want to video tape a company dumping sewage into rivers? Do it. Want to stop drinking alcohol? Stop. Smoking? Stop. Popping pills? Stop. Hurting others? Stop. Hurting yourself? Stop. Surround yourself with new, encouraging people. Allies in your new walk of life.

This is your NOW season of positive change. Embrace the change. You’re the only one who can live your life. Abusing yourself or others is a choice. Death. NOT abusing yourself or others is also a choice. Life. And yes, life without abuse…IS an option. I highly recommend that you choose life!

Hi! I’m MJ! And I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence. It has taken me since 2016 to get to the point that I can now share my heart with you and not freak out about what someone might think of me.

With all the help I’ve received from family, new friends, and professionals in the spiritual and mental health arenas, I know had I NOT gotten the help I needed, I’d still be struggling.

What I hope to do is help other survivors get a grip faster than it has taken me.

Through VictoryLife House, I have developed a platform for survivors to meet the professionals they need at a reduced rate. Just for them! Just for VictoryLife House! Just because I believe survivors are worth it!

Life without abuse IS an option. Choose life!


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