Questioning the Why of Domestic Abuse

Based on the World Population Review as of this writing: In the United States, an estimated 10 million people experience domestic violence every year. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, about 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner. About 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience severe intimate partner physical violence, sexual violence, and/or partner stalking with injury, PTSD, contraction of STDS, etc.

What is it, do you think, that tells someone it’s okay if you harm your intimate partner…the one you say you love…in any way, shape, or form? What is lacking in the abusers thinking or heart? Is it a cultural thing? A lack of spirituality? Is it lack of punishment or accountability for the abuser? Not all abusers are in a chemically altered state of mind, so that’s not it. If we understood the why…could we change the outcome?

I’d personally like to see the 10 million number come down, so I look at it from a singular point of view…if we change our perspective individually & choose to NOT harm…we are enacting our free will in a positive way. So, have we failed as parents or schools or churches or organizations or societies to foster kindness? To teach to choose life – consideration – care – toward ourselves & toward others? Have we put too much emphasis on the negative? Have we become immune to the horrors depicted in crime shows? Have we become more self-centered over the ages? Have we lost sight of seeking internal tranquility – peace – love – joy – harmony – beauty – homeostasis in exchange for the abstracts of materialism and what’s in it for me?

Perhaps, we have done well as a society! Perhaps had we not put into place restrictions, laws, religious traditions, rules and precepts…the 10 million would be much greater. Perhaps this is the best we can do as a whole? I cannot change one person deciding it’s okay to harm their spouse. I cannot. The desire to change oneself can only come from a changed perspective which only comes from self awareness and a desire to be…better. All I can do is offer options in order to help gain a new perspective.

You can find my Healing Hearts devotional here. I hope they give you pause. Give you a sense of What If you did change that ONE thing that could potentially make all the difference in your life and that of your intimate partner. The start of a whole new, beautiful beginning with the one you say you love.

Hi! I’m MJ! And I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence. This blog, yes, is for other survivors of Domestic Abuse. However, sometimes I like to write about other learning curve events or thoughts in my life.

Through VictoryLife House, survivors can find information to help them through the trauma they’ve experienced. Through this blog, I hope you also enjoy other random types of musings.

Life without abuse IS an option. Choose life!


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