Tighten the nonpayment of alimony loophole at the courthouse.

At the end of the hearing, it is agreed between the parties that person X will pay person Y alimony. Gavel down.

Here is a new idea to start the alimony payment process before person X leaves the courthouse:

  1. Person X is escorted to the billing department.
  2. Person X is then given the Alimony Support Agreement form.
  3. On this form there are payment options:
  4. Pay all now: $________________________
  5. Pay an advance of: $______________________
  6. Pay initial payment owed now: $_____________________
  7. Please enter your bank routing number:
  8. Please enter your bank checking account number:
  9. Please enter your credit card number:

You will make all payments to person Y through this court. It is our responsibility to get your payment to person Y. Please know that we will be contacting your employer for wage withholding in the event you decide to close any of your accounts. If you lose or quit your job, you are still responsible for the payment of this debt to person Y. If you choose to not pay this debt at any time in the future, you will:

  1. automatically be held in contempt of court.
  2. You will be fined by the court an amount it deems fair and not less than $100 per month for each month you become delinquent.
  3. You will spend time in jail until your payments are caught up.
  4. Your name, face and additional personal information will be shared as a Delinquent within our public system to show your debt to person Y and any debt to this court.
  5. Your name and social security number will be shared with credit bureaus which will make getting a loan harder for you.
  6. Your name and social security number will be updated in background checks showing you are a delinquent which will make it harder for you to get a job. If you do get a new job, your new employer is required, by law, to report to us your new position and is required to begin automatic payroll deductions.

We highly recommend that you pay your debt on time as you have been court ordered.

Please contact Mrs. Jones at xxx-xxx-xxxx to let her know if your employment or address ever changes.


Mrs. Jones works for the county at the courthouse as a clerk. There are many such clerks who are given these assignments on a first come, first serve basis as their case load.

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